Monday, August 16, 2010

Who I Am- Written in March 2007

I'm Not: The Popular Girl, with tons of friends.

I Am: The girl you can count on to create strong, long lasting friendships.

I'm Not: A girl that likes to play mind games.

I Am: A girl you can count on to be authentic, I'm sometimes guilty of wearing my heart on my sleeve.

I'm Not: So desperate that I'll hookup with random guys to feel loved.

I Am: Just like most other girls, I have my little crushes and I may think a bunch of guys are attractive, but expect that when I Devote my heart to someone, it stays that way.

I'm Not: A party girl, I'm not gonna get plastered every weekend and I most definitely Will Not get high with you.

I Am: A girl who's Real. It's okay to have a drink once in a while, in my opinion. But in no circumstances are drugs or drinking to the point of blackouts every weekend okay.

I Am: A girl devoted to morals and values, especially being a Christian.

I Am: A type of girl that will attempt to grab your attention through my smile, personality, sense of humor and body language.

I'm Not: A judgemental person, I can't judge you as a person if I don't know you. I can only make inferences based on what I see and what you do as an individual.

I Am: Passionate. Point blank. A person who is devoted to being caring, understanding, and open minded-to a point. Yes I have strong opinions about some things and I can really be stubborn, but that makes me who I am.

I'm Not: The type of girl that needs to be the center of attention all the time.

I Am: The girl who wants to be heard and be a genuine addition to your life, family, social situation, and culture. I want to get to know you for you.

I'm Not: The girl who gets jealous every time you look away.

I Am: The girl who will be proud of what I have in you, because chances are if I pick you, there's something pretty great about you-at least in my mind. Because of this pride, yes I may get a little jealous now and then but thats only because I care and I want everyone to know that "you are mine".

I Am: The girl who communicates through body language and touch.

I'm Not: The girl who doesn't respect that you need time with your guy friends.

I Am: The girl who needs time with my girl friends.

I'm Not: The girl who expects you to be overly romantic all the're not the inventor of Hallmark so why should I expect u to act like them?

I Am: The girl who wants to be appreciated and loved, get nice things every now and then, and know that you love me through little romantic things. Especially like making it known in front of your friends, even if its not the "cool" thing to do.

I'm Not: The girl who expects you to be a mind reader

I Am: The girl who expects you to be sensitive to my needs and emotions and respect me as an equal in the relationship

I'm Not: THAT girl, the girl you've told all your guy friends about thats a stalker, or talks to much or expects to much or whatever excuse you've come up with for shying away from girls and avoiding mature commitment.

I Am: ME....and the way I figure...thats about as much as you could ask for.

DISCLAIMER....This was written THREE YEARS ago. It was a huge way of how I felt at the time.Three years later, I'm amazed that I found a man that I love to death. He fills every part of me. He makes me happier than I've ever been. He knows everything there is to know about me..including those things mentioned above. It means the world to me that I've found someone willing to except, ALL of me. <3 I love you Nick! <3


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Our Journey towards Making a Family

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2-14-2010- Got Engaged :)

4-3-2010- First Positive Test- Baby 1 due 12/10/10

5-1-2010- Miscarriage at 8wks2days

12-10-2010- Estimated Due Date for Baby 1

5-5-2011- Second Positive Test- Baby 2 due 1-12-12
5-7-2011- We are Married!! :)
5-14-2011- Miscarriage at 5wks2days

6-16-2011- Repeated Pregnancy Loss blood work
6-23-2011- HSG looks good!
6-23-2011- dx positive ANA- Anti Nuclear Antibodies

07-05-2011- Rheumatologist Appointment
7-11-2011- dx Low Vitamin D levels. Start Prescription Vitamin D and baby aspirin

09/2011- Officially No Longer Preventing

10/5/11-First cycle Actively Trying. AF shows up

11/21/11-Celiac Bloodwork Negative, Vit D still lower than normal, start another prescription. Continue prenatals with Vit. D as well

01-12-12-Estimated Due Date for Baby 2
01/12-Vit D in normal range, start over the counter Daily Calcium with Vit D supplement per Rhuematologist.

2/15/12-Appt with new Ob who is more proactive with Progesterone Testing-suspects progesterone issues.

2/15/12- 5/9/12-Stop trying and start new charting method (Creighton) to watch for hormone imbalance.