Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Water...and some stuff about Me. Water portion Written in April 2007

I was thinking...water has a lot of symbols in life.....Life, thirst, PURITY, Cleansing, rebirth, power, calm, serenity...etc...and while most of the symbols run along a central theme..that of life and the like...some completely mirror each other like power and calm for example....Water is such a mysterious force..one minute its calm and serene and it is that thing that breathes life into all of us..however in an instant that can change and the water can turn into a powerful raging creature that could quickly take life away....Life is like that...things are so uncertain sometimes and frankly...its scary as hell..I wish sometimes that I knew what my future held..but then I realize I'd have no mystery to life and nothing to look forward to...still maybe a hint would be nice...just to know that I'm not going in a completely wrong direction..

Going with the theme of water and its cleansing ability I was thinking about baptism and its significance..I'll actually be able to be rebaptized this summer because for once I won't miss it due to coming back to ship...but I thought about and though we are cleansed of everything with the love and power of Christ, are there some things we can never be rid of? Or is it that we're to scared to let it wash away....Or maybe we're scared it will wash us away with it...I don't know..


-I will always be a Delta girl...soo much a part of the country

-Just because I'm nice to you, doesn't mean I'm flirting with you.

-I will trust you, but it takes time. Once you've earned my trust, you best not do anything to take it away, because you may never get it back.

-I am a forgiving person...but don't walk all over me, and if I forgive you, honor that by staying on my good side.
-I will always find something calming in the sight of an old firehouse or auto mechanic shop

-I will always be intrigued by men in uniform ;)  This is why I'm marrying one!!!!

-I will always be won over through music

-I will always love children and their amazing stories

-I will always be devoted to my family, no matter what

- I will always be a momma's girl..to the core

- I will always love being girly..no matter what other people think

-I will always look back fondly on my days at Shippensburg and remember them as some of the best and worst in my life

-I will always be a worry wart

-I will always be a great friend to anyone who takes the time to let me

-I will always put others before myself in many situations

-I will always be stubborn

-I will always love God and devote myself to living up to that

-I will always SING

-I will always look back and wonder what if...

-I will always be someone that can smile and cry in the same day

-I will always be an honorable, trustworthy person

-I will always try my best at everything I do

-I will always have a few things that I'm deathly afraid of

-I will always love country music..country runs in my vains

-I will always be obsessed with Billy Ray Cyrus

I will ALWAYS miss my baby. <3 05/01/2010  Miss you Monkey
I WILL ALWAYS DO MY BEST to live, laugh and love, and show respect to those who cross paths with me...

I can only hope that others can do the same...


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Our Journey towards Making a Family

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Short Version:
11-28-2008- Started Dating

2-14-2010- Got Engaged :)

4-3-2010- First Positive Test- Baby 1 due 12/10/10

5-1-2010- Miscarriage at 8wks2days

12-10-2010- Estimated Due Date for Baby 1

5-5-2011- Second Positive Test- Baby 2 due 1-12-12
5-7-2011- We are Married!! :)
5-14-2011- Miscarriage at 5wks2days

6-16-2011- Repeated Pregnancy Loss blood work
6-23-2011- HSG looks good!
6-23-2011- dx positive ANA- Anti Nuclear Antibodies

07-05-2011- Rheumatologist Appointment
7-11-2011- dx Low Vitamin D levels. Start Prescription Vitamin D and baby aspirin

09/2011- Officially No Longer Preventing

10/5/11-First cycle Actively Trying. AF shows up

11/21/11-Celiac Bloodwork Negative, Vit D still lower than normal, start another prescription. Continue prenatals with Vit. D as well

01-12-12-Estimated Due Date for Baby 2
01/12-Vit D in normal range, start over the counter Daily Calcium with Vit D supplement per Rhuematologist.

2/15/12-Appt with new Ob who is more proactive with Progesterone Testing-suspects progesterone issues.

2/15/12- 5/9/12-Stop trying and start new charting method (Creighton) to watch for hormone imbalance.