Thursday, July 14, 2011

Step One...Remove Foot from Mouth

Unfortunately, I am one of THOSE people.

I tend to say stupid things sometimes, most of the time without ever meaning to.

I don't know why but for whatever reason, there are days, times and moments where I lack a filter. I say really stupid stuff without thinking first about what I'm saying, who it could hurt or how it could be interpreted.

The crazy part is, is that whenever I do say something, I always realize it afterwards. Most of the time, I just worded it wrong.

I have this incessant need to fill silence. Sometimes, in trying to do that, I say stupid things.

I also get nervous when I am put on the spot. So sometimes, when a conversation turns to me, I verbal vomit and later, realize I probably sounded one fry short of a happy meal.

I also tend to say things when I'm frustrated that I don't mean. Most of that is normal though, I think?

When my emotions are high, I either lack words or have a ton of them (see this blog post), the moral of the story is, I'm sorry that sometimes, I lack common sense.

For ANYONE I could have ever hurt with ANYTHING I have ever said, I am truly and deeply sorry. I am working on this whole foot in mouth/common sense thing. I really am.

Please accept my apologies, and know that I try to be the best person I know how. I don't need more enemies in my life. I have very few friends as it is.

To my friends, I love you all. Thank you for being there, when I'm at my best, but even more so when I'm at my worst.

To my husband- I love you more than I ever thought possible. You are my world. Thank you for putting up with me and helping me, but most of all for being patient with me when I get hit with a dose of foot in mouth disease. Thank you for loving me.

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  1. I am the same way. I think that's why most of the time, unless people know me very well, I tend to just keep my mouth shut. It's better that way, haha.


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